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Crystallization: A buffing process utilizing steel wool and a special acid to catalyze a chemical reaction that crystallizes, hardens, and shines a micro-fine layer on the surface of the stone.
Drawbacks: May darken light grout and will not remove deep etches or any scratches.
Advantages: Relatively fast and cheap, minimal protection required, excellent “quick fix”.Marble Restoration and Maintenace

Powder polish: A wet buffing procedure which produces better results than crystallization, and is often followed by crystallization.
Drawbacks: Will remove most etching, but most scratches will remain. Also, requires high level of protection such as tape and plastic to protect furniture & carpet antt
Advantages: Dramatic results!

Re-surfacing: Incorporates all procedures. First, the floor is wet sanded to remove all etches and scratches. Then it is sanded finer and finer until it is ready to polished and crystallized. In some floors re-surfacing takes as little as five steps. Floors that are poorly installed will require as many as ten steps and are 2-3 times as much work.
99% of the time, a re-surfaced floor will come out looking better that when it was brand new! 

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