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Q. My kitchen has dull spots that look like drip marks, and they re-appear after I clean them up. Why?
A. Those are called etch marks.  They are usually caused when something acidy is spilled on the marble.  EG. Vinegar, lemon juice, wine, ceramic tile cleaner, window cleaner, soda etc.  The acidy liquid erodes the calcium in the stone and "eats" into the finish.

Q. What do I mop my floors with to keep them clean?
A. The only place you should be mopping is the kitchen, and everything you mop should be toweled off. Plain water or a mild marble safe soap like simple green is fine to mop with, but then it must be dried.  In other areas of the house, try using a dustmop or a vaccuum to keep the floor clean and dust free.

Q.  I have marble in my shower and I have two problems.  First, the marble is getting dull and spotted very fast. It even feels rough to the touch.  Second, mold is starting to grow in the grout.
A. Marble is hard to maintain in a shower. It should be sealed thoroughly and re sealed every other year.  Still, the deposits in the water stay on the marble when the water evaporates.  If you squeegee off the water after showering(like you do with the glass doors)  the marble will last 3-4 times as long.  Also you can treat the moldy areas with a spray of 3 parts water and 1part bleach. (or stronger) Bleach will not damage the marble.

Q. How often do I have to have it sealed?
A. Only once in most areas, but in the kitchen and especially the shower, it should be re-sealed every time it is polished.

Q. How often should it be polished?
A. In the kitchen and shower it should be done around once a year.  The other areas should last a lot longer, but a good rule of thumb is according to traffic.  Polishing hardens the surface and protects it.  Generally, if you notice it getting dull, then it's time for a polish.

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