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Natural stone – marble, granite, travertine, limestone, etc. requires special care. Stone surfaces, whether polished or honed, can be easily damaged by something as simple as using the wrong type of cleaner. The following information will help you maintain your stone floors, vanity tops, showers. Etc: PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!

· Use only cleaning products made specifically for marble!

· Do not use vinegar, ammonia, bathroom cleaners such as CLR, Lime Away, Cleanser, or shower power! These products will damage the stone instantly!

· Also, do not allow anything acidy to get on the stone. Lemon juice, wine, red vinegar will etch the stone, leaving dull spots because they have eaten through the polish.

· Make sure your stone is properly sealed. The sealer is not foolproof, but it buys you time to wipe up spills, and it lessens the severity of chemical damage.

· When you mop a marble floor, the most important thing is to towel dry afterwards.

· Dust and dirt on a stone floor are the enemy! Walking on dust and dirt scratches the stone and creates wear patterns. The only way to fix wear patterns is to resurface the floor, so keep good sized welcome mats in strategic places to help clean shoes before they step on the marble.

· Squeegy off the shower walls after showering and you will keep them looking good 300% longer than if you don’t.

· Our polishing process hardens the surface of the stone as well as making it shine. Having your floors and other surfaces professionally polished will significantly help keep them beautiful and avoid having to resurface them.

· Make sure that all chairs have protective felt liners under their legs! You can buy them at any hardware store.

· Potted plants should not be placed directly on the stone! Put something soft and dry between the pot and the floor.

· When in doubt- call us and we’ll tell you what you can and can’t put on the stone. That’s our job.

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